MMRA Annual Subscription 2019 – New Rate & Calendar Year

Dear Residents

Mount Merrion – a beautiful place in which to live. Young families have access to schools, transport, park, playground, safe roads and a variety of shops. Older residents have their choice from all of the above, in addition to many activities based in the Community Centre, churches, pubs, restaurants and a comprehensive range of professional services.

What helps to make Mount Merrion so attractive and desirable is the originality of the demesne. It really has not changed so much since architect Rupert Jones and developer/builder John Kenny designed and developed the garden suburb concept in the early 1930’s.

More recently that very sense of space that defines the character of the area has become a target for “get rich quick” non-resident property developers who look at an open space and visualize an opportunity to build.

The 85-year-old Mount Merrion Residents’ Association, voluntarily run by your colleagues and neighbours, has consistently strived over many generations to curtail excessive developments that would irreparably damage the fabric and character of the area. This has become much more expensive in recent years and the MMRA has had to procure the services of a number of specialist consultants to contest numerous planning applications. The costs of these services greatly exceed the revenue generated by the Annual Subscriptions received from our paid-up 700+ members. It is reasonable to assume that the trend will continue into the future.

At the MMRA AGM this year, a proposal to raise the annual subscription rate from €20 to €50 (per household) and from €10 to €20 (per retiree/unwaged household) was proposed and passed. These funds are necessary to replenish the “war chest” ensuring we continue to preserve the character of Mount Merrion and vigorously contest the growth in unnecessary and speculative building in our demesne. It is now 12 years since the subscription rates were last increased (2007). We need your support to continue the fight. €50 is €50, and €20 is €20, but it can play a big part in protecting what you and your family hold dear.

The AGM also passed a motion to change the MMRA membership year to a calendar year starting on January 1st 2020.  To facilitate this, the 2019 membership will run from 1st February 2019 to 31st December 2019.  

We would like to thank you for your continued support of the MMRA.  You can pay online via Pay Membership button or directly to the collector at the door.  Our subscription co-ordination team will be visiting you shortly.

“Let’s keep Mount Merrion beautiful”

Kate Canning – President – MMRA