dlr Trees & Urban Forestry Strategy – Online Survey

The council is reviewing its dlr Trees Strategy 2011-2015 with a view to adopting a new strategy in Autumn 2021. In advance of preparing a first Draft, and to facilitate public engagement with process, the Council is seeking the views of the public on an Issues Paper it has prepared. The online survey is open until 31st January 2021.

Farewell to East Avenue Beech Trees & their resident Bees

A sad farewell to two beautiful mature Beech trees on East Avenue which were felled by the council this weekend.  The trees were diseased and were removed for health and safety reasons.   MMRA has contacted the Council regarding getting these big specimen trees replaced as soon as possible.  Residents can also contact DLRCC directly at environ@dlrcoco.ie attention Lorraine O’Hara. An interesting discovery on the day was an active beehive inside the trunk of the large Beech Tree.  The contractor secured the bees in the log and loaded them into the back of the truck.  They contacted the council to get a beekeeper to look at them.  According to our own local beekeeper Edward Simons the best action is the leave the bees in the log for the...