Trees on Cherrygarth Green – Update from dlr Environment

cherrygarth_green_20210304_treesfelledView of Kilmacud Road Lower from Cherrygarth greenA number of trees were felled on Cherrygarth green on Wednesday.¬† Please see update from Lorraine O’Hara, dlr Environment¬†3/03/21 regarding these trees and the plan for their replacement:

“5 trees being removed in total. The Poplar had its top blown off in a storm at some point and it was considered unsafe to remain. Two narrow conifers under wires one dead and the other dying were also removed.¬† The conifers in the corner were removed as utilities are being connected here and once they dig here we would not be able to stand over them in terms of stability and safety, therefore it was better to remove them before they carry out works.

The area crew have a couple of trees to be planted in the open space at present. Once the utilities complete their works we will clean the area along the wall and replant some more trees which we would enhance the open space.

Stump of tree felled on Cherrygarth Green 3/03/21Stump of tree felled on Cherrygarth Green 3/03/21