Attempted abduction at Oatlands college.

An official statement was issued by Caroline Garrett, Principal of Oatlands College in Mount Merrion, to parents.

‘Oatlands College is carrying out an investigation into an alleged abduction incident on Monday morning, 25th January 2016 approximately 50 metres from the school entrance. The matter has been reported to the gardaí, and investigations are ongoing into this alleged incident,’ Mummypages reports. Ms Garrett wrote school authorities are now liaising with the gardaí following the report.

‘The school operates a Stay Safe policy and assures the school community that this is fully operational at all times and, in particular, is in place to respond to the alleged incident. Parents are encouraged to make contact with the School Principal if they have any immediate or individual concerns,’ Ms Garrett said.

Oatlands College. Pic: Joe Dunne

A spokesman for the Garda Press office said they had yet to receive official confirmation of the investigation but warned pupils to be vigilant.

‘We urge all children to vigilant and if they are ever uncomfortable about an approach from a stranger to report it immediately,’ said a spokesman.