Planning Application: 12 Clonmore Road (D20A/0077)

Application Date: 03-Feb-2020
Planning Application Ref: D20A/0077

Registration Date: 03-Feb-2020
Application Type: Permission
Main Location:
12 Clonmore Road, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin

Permission fro development. The development will consist of

Full Description:
Permission for development. The development will consist of modifications to the previously approved application Reg. Ref. D18A/0673 (original application D13A/0245/E & D13A/0245). The modifications include an increase in length by 500mm & an increase in width by 350mm of new side extension, increase in width of new front dormer by 325mm and the new rear dormer by 700mm, an additional rooflight to the side extension north roof slope and the existing house east roof slope, repositioning of rooflight on the existing house from the south to the north roof slope, removal of a rooflight on new extension south roof slope, 2 no. additional attic floor windows with opaque glass to new extension north elevation, enlarged window at attic floor rear elevation link, new external louvers & low side wall for service meters to front external porch, removal of the rear external colonnade, reducing the height of the proposed chimney stack that is to function as a link corridor & removing the proposed chimney stack to the dressing room of the attic storey of the side-extension, minor alterations to elevational window treatment and minor changes to the internal layout.

Note: Final date for Observations is 09-Mar-2020