Planning Application for 63 residences on Oatlands site

Demolition of the former Oatlands Monastery building (c.1,682 sqm) and other derelict buildings on the site (c.101 sqm), the demolition of the existing single storey dwelling at No. 2 Cherrygarth (c.157 sqm) and the construction of 63 residential units.

337 objections to Union Cafe Plans.

337 people have lodged objections in relation to the Union Cafe site. Of the 337 only 2 expressed any support for the project and one of these was from the applicants architect.

Thank you to all who submitted objections.

Cherrygarth stunned by Oatlands plan!

Plans have been announced for a major development on the Oatlands monastery grounds. On a site of around 2.5 acres the plan is to construct 63 residential units made up of 9 houses, 24 duplexes and 30 apartments. Included is this are two 4 storey apartment blocks. The site is currently landlocked so permission is being sought to demolish No 2 Cherrygarth to gain access to the site.

Massive new development planned for Cherrygarth

A planning notice was posted today at No 2 Cherrygarth to the effect that planning permission is being sought for 63 residences on the Oatlands site just at the back of Trees Road. This will include 2 four storey blocks of apartments. Duplexes and other housing units.