Tidy Roads Competition

MMRA is organising a Tidy Roads Competition during the month of July. The judges will be looking out for outstanding Front Gardens and perhaps taking photographs of them for the next Newsletter.

Planning permission sought for 5, The Close, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin

Application Date: 20-Jun-2017 Planning Application Ref: D17A/0558 Main Location: 5, The Close, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin Proposal:Permission is sought for, a new front boundary wall and gates, a new two storey extension with pitched roof to the front of the existing dwelling, conversion of the existing garage to living space with a first floor and attic extension with pitched roof over it to the side of the house, a new enlarged dormer window to the rear slope to replace the existing dormer, a new rooflight to the rear slope of the main roof, a new two storey extension with flat roof and rooflights to the rear of the existing dwelling and associated site works. Final Observation...