New Union Cafe Planning Application Ref:D17A/0951

Updated planning application dated 26-Oct-2017. Final date for Observations is 29-Nov-2017.
Proposal: Permission for demolition of the existing 4 storey building of 1593 sqm and its replacement with a 1164 sqm two-storey, public house/restaurant with terraces and set-back penthouse (3 storeys in all) and 2 no. three-storey apartment building and additional set back penthouses (4 storeys in all), of area 2724 sqm and 2519 sqm respectively, with balconies, retractable awnings, green roofs and photovoltaic panels, each containing 25 no. apartments (11 no. 1 bedroom, 30 no. 2 bedroom and 9 no. 3 bedroom in total); together with two levels of basement carparking accessed from the existing entrance off Wilson Road, (the existing Deerpark Road vehicular entrance to be closed off), to have 119 car spaces, 12 motorbike spaces, a goods loading bay / plant / sub-station / attenuation tanks / refuse storage; individual residents’ storage rooms and 66 bicycle spaces; 11 no. street-level cycle parking spaces, associated communal and public open space landscaping, including a public terraced area.

Talk November 2nd: Paisanos: The Forgtten Irish who Changed the Face of Latin America

Writer and historian Tim Fanning traces the colourful history of Irish emigration to Spanish America, beginning in the sixteenth century. In the early nineteenth century, the Irish fought for the achievement of independence in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Mexico. Many of these Irish men and women later played significant roles in the development of the Latin American republics.