Deerpark Dog park caution

FYI – a resident contacted us today to alert dog walkers.  She brought her dog to the dog park in Deer Park yesterday and found this nail in her coat after bathing her.  The dog is fine, just want to make sure people are aware that there may be nails in the...

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Residents on The Rise, Foster Avenue and Mount Anville Road have set up a text alert group for their roads. Glenabbey Road, Cherrygarth, South Avenue/ Thornhill Road and Trees Road residents also have their own groups. Please note that is is a neighbour driven initiative and not managed by the MMRA.

Please do contact Blackrock Garda on 01 666 5200 if you see any suspicious activity.

Break-ins Cherrygarth & The Rise Friday December 6th

FYI- there was an attempted break-in in Cherrygarth this evening Friday December 6th around 6pm.  Please do not open door to anyone unless you are expecting them. 9pm. A house on The Rise was also broken into this evening around 8pm.  MMRA have phoned Blackrock Gardaí and extra patrols are in action. Please contact Blackrock Garda Station 01 666 5200 if you see anything suspicious.    ...