Planning Information Update May 30

The Planning Sub-Committee of MMRA reviews and takes action on relevant planning matters that will affect residents.  The planning status of current sites that may have significant impact in Mount Merrion is summarised below.

85th Annual General Meeting of MMRA – Powerpoint Slides

The 85th Annual General Meeting of the Mount Merrion Residents Association and first ever Zoom AGM took place on Monday April 19th, 2021.  Please find below the Powerpoint Slides from the meeting. Our last AGM took place in the Mount Merrion Community Centre on 10th April 2019. Due to Covid 19 and the following lockdown our 2020 AGM had to be cancelled.  This AGM covers both 2020 and 2021. Powerpoint Slides for 85th Annual General Meeting of MMRA Agenda 1. President’s Opening Address – Kate Canning 2. President’s Report – Kate Canning 3. Financial Report and Accounts – Brendan McManus...