Tidy Roads Competition

Did you know that this competition has been going every year since 1990?  So following on with this tradition the MMRA is organising a Tidy Roads Competition during the month of July.  A team of adjudicators will judge each road under a number of headings:


    • Litter free on footpaths, hedges and gutters
    • Weeds free on footpaths and gutters
    • Hedges/Trees/Boundary Wall neatness
    • Streetscape cleanliness
    • Condition of outer walls, driveways and gates
    • Front Gardens

In recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of points scored as pride in appearance has become more obvious.  So congratulations to all our residents on your continuing hard work!  The judges will be looking out for outstanding Front Gardens as well and perhaps taking photographs of them for the next Newsletter. With the recent arrival of the colourful planters and hanging baskets it has to be said they do indeed help to enhance our neighbourhood!