Compliance with Conditions: 33 Thornhill Road (D20A/0658/C1)

Planning reference: D20A/0658/C1
Application type: Compliance with Conditions

Proposal description: Compliance with Condition No.4 of Reg Ref D20A/0658
Location/Address: No.33 Thornhill Road, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin

Applicants name: Martin and Cathy Raftery
Registration date: 18 Nov 2021
Decision date
Final grant date
Appeal lodged date
Appeal decision date
ABP Reference
Appeal decision
Registered application
Appeal type
Agent name (company): Beech Lodge Design Studio
Officer name

Final date for third party observations/submissions: 21 Oct 2020
Application date: 18 Nov 2021
Decision due date: 13 Jan 2022

The consultation period for this application has expired