Application: 72 The Rise (D20A/0255)

Application Date: 27-Mar-2020
Planning Application Ref: D20A/0255

Registration Date: 27-Mar-2020

Decision Date: 17-Apr-2020

Application Type: Permission
Main Location: 72 The Rise, Mount Merrion, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Proposal:Permission for construction of a single-story

Full Description:
Permission for construction of a single-story and first floor extension to the side and a single-story extension to the rear of an existing dwelling. Reconfiguration of an existing roof, new front bay window and porch, alterations to the fenestration and boundary wall, and internal modifications to the existing two-story house together with all additional, ancillary site works.

Status: Decision made
Note: Final date for Observations is 11-Jun-2020