DLR Parks Tree Planting Update

DLR Parks Tree Planting Update

New Oak Trees planted by dlrcc in Deerpark April 2021

The MMRA are delighted with the planting being done in Mount Merrion by DLR Parks Department.

Since February 2021, 10 Mature Oak and Beech trees have been planted on the East/Sycamore Avenue, a grove of trees at the end of Cherrygarth, near the Pedestrian Entrance, another grove on the N11 near the new cycle lane, an avenue of Amamchier has been put in at the pedestrian entrance to Deerpark, Cherries at Mount Anville Pedestrian entrance, beautiful Oaks near the Tennis courts and near the pathway parallel to to North Avenue in the Park.

These new trees ensure that Mount Merrion will continue as a leafy area well into the future. Wherever possible we have asked neighbours to water these every two days for the next two years.

Cherrygarth Green 6 new trees planted March 2020

Cherrygarth Green – 6 new mature trees planted

Replacement street trees have been planted in Cherrygarth and on the entrance to Callary Road from Greenfield.

The MMRA received a grant from DLR towards street trees but we have been advised by the Parks Department to hold onto that, which is in our account, until September when we will meet up with them to discuss the many requests we have had from householders for individual trees outside houses.


MMRA keeps a careful note and date of all such requests but the decision and planting will be entirely done by DLR. We always suggest that the householder get directly in touch with the Council with their request, atĀ environ@dlrcoco.ie.

We are most appreciative of the present work being done by the Parks Department.


Painting ‘Church St Therese from Deerpark’ by Terence Sweeny, MMRA Winter Art CompetitionĀ