DLRCC Public Realm Services and Litter Management

FYI –  update from Cllr Jim O’Leary regarding Public Realm Services and Litter Management in the County and the steps that are now being taken by the Council as we approach finer weather.
Sent: Friday 30 April 2021 18:52
Subject: Public Realm Services and Litter Management


I am very aware that there have been large numbers of complaints about the level of littering in the County, particularly last weekend. I was in touch with the Council CEO on the matter, as were many Councillors, and on the back of these representations the following steps are being taken by the Council as we approach finer weather.

Bins and littering

There is a plan to put in place large wheelie bins at key locations along the coastal route in particular, and in coastal towns of Blackrock and Dun Laoghaire this weekend and over the next few weeks. This is in addition to 40 additional smart bins and 18 recycling bins to be installed across the county in the coming days and weeks. Litter collection times are already extended and will continue to be but are also resource availability dependent. The Parks Dept are increasing their collections in parks and open spaces and will continue to prioritise the emptying of bins over the course of the weekends. The Harbour will also be putting out extra wheelie bins at weekend and have just installed 4 new solar compactor bins.

Staffing at weekends

Additional staff will be rostered and redeployed to address more frequent emptying/cleaning and to cope with the additional bins.

Bring it Home Campaign

There is a cross organisational group in place developing a communication and education strategy for litter within dlr. Work is well advanced and expected that new campaign will start shortly. The communications office is also working with the other Dublin L.A.’s with a view to developing a joint approach to highlighting this issue.

Open bathrooms in public buildings

Arrangements are in hand to have libraries in Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey and Deansgrange opened for access to toilet facilities. All libraries will reopen for lending services from 10th May. You will also be aware of the imminent provision of 2 additional temporary toilets.

Anti social behaviour

Garda engagement has been at the forefront of our outdoor operations during the pandemic with municipal service departments working closely with the Gardai to manage outdoor areas and public behaviours. This collaboration with the Gardai is ongoing. The issue was also discussed in the recent Dun Laoghaire Local Policing Forum. Dun Laoghaire Garda station are instigating a dedicated mountain-bike unit to cover the coastal area from early June. Dun Laoghaire Harbour are providing additional pier security patrols during weekends until June and daily thereafter.

Public seating

The seating/benches in Marlay Park will be reinstated, and we will accelerate the provision of more outdoor seating in parks and public realm.

Reallocate road space

The active travel programme, including the provision of additional cycle paths and lanes will continue.

Traffic wardens

The parking warden service is an outsourced service whose primary function is to patrol parking control zones as set out in the By-laws adopted by the council members. The service operates Monday to Saturday from 8am to 7pm each day as set out in the by-laws adopted by the elected members. Wardens have been deployed to some coastal areas at weekends to monitor illegal parking i.e. parking on double yellow lines, disabled space etc. This has implications for the patrolling of parking controlled areas at other times of the week as it is outside the terms of the contract agreed with the service provider. Parking will work with the wardens to see if further increases in service are possible in the coming weeks and months.

DLR markets

Markets will be recommenced in line with public health guidance and advice, as soon as they can operate safely and in accordance with the public health requirements.