Fresh Flowers on The Rise

Fresh Flowers on The Rise

When Mount Merrion Residents Association learned that the Council was no longer going to replant and tend the three-tier Planters dotted around Mount Merrion we approached the Council for permission for MMRA to do it.










The Council recommended we use peat-free compost and bee and wildlife friendly perennials. MMRA approached SuperValu on The Rise for Sponsorship for the three on The Rise, this was promptly and generously given.

MMRA Gardening Volunteers have now replanted, in new compost, the three Planters with perennials. They should give joy for years to come.  The Flower Box, The Merrion Tree and SuperValu have each undertaken to keep one watered.

Many thanks to all involved in keeping Mount Merrion Beautiful.

Planters at The Rise April 2021Planters at The Rise April 2021