Protect our Green Grass Verges

Protect our Green Grass Verges

For over 70 years Mount Merrion Residents Association has been working with originally Dublin County Council and latterly DLR County Council in an effort to improve the Streetscape of the whole of Mount Merrion Demesne.

The origins of the Demesne go back to 1711 when it consisted of 100 acres and to 1760 when it increased to 300 acres, its current size. When John Kenny bought the land in 1934 he intended building a Garden Suburb based on visits to a number of such areas in England and Germany.

An essential component to this plan was a number of wide roads with wide green grass verges. The Grass Verges are an integral component of our area. They give a very positive visual impression to any visitors to Mount Merrion.

The recent bad weather has made the soil very wet, soft and vulnerable. To add to the situation a number of vehicles, both Commercial and Personal have combined to seriously damage the grassed areas by unnecessarily parking on the grass.

It is the responsibility of each householder to protect and maintain these beautiful areas.  

Photo of damage to grass vergesDamage caused to Grass VergesGrass Verge under Repair









That responsibility extends to damage done to the grassed areas by contractors, repair, maintenance, delivery, workers and friends visiting the homeowner. 

There is adequate on and off street parking on all roads in Mount Merrion.  Please protect our amenities and refrain from parking, damaging and destroying our Green Grass Verges.