MMHS Talk: “The Arms crisis of 1970” – Tuesday May 4th 8pm

Greetings from Sunny Mount Merrion. Remember this time last year when we (the over 70s) were confined to the back Garden, if we had one. At least we had the sun and the hope that this Pandemic thing would soon be over. “Live horse and you’ll get grass” was an old expression and by goodness we all need Grass now (No, not that kind). Hopefully we are nearly there.

Well, our Lecture Season was almost banjaxed. But thanks to Christopher Moriarty (Quakers) and Michael Foley (Bloody Sunday) we had a few very enjoyable Zoom talks and to round off the season we have another treat lined up for you.

One rarely finds an Irish Politician to polarise the electorate or the public as much as Charles J Haughty. It seems like everybody had an opinion about Charlie. So when the “Arms Crisis” came to light in 1970 and Jack Lynch sacked Government Ministers Charlie and Neil Blaney and Kevin Boland resigned in protest we knew we were in for a remarkable year in Irish Politics.

mmhs_2021-cover-of-m-heneys-bookThe whole episode was reported on in detail by the ‘Prime Time’ programme for RTE led by award winning European Journalist of the year Michael Heney.

Michael’s extensive research was the basis for his Doctorate thesis and for his bestselling book of 2020 “The Arms crisis of 1970” (the plot that never was). The book was re-released in paperback earlier this month.

We are delighted to have Michael as our guest speaker on TUESDAY May 4th @8pm via ZOOM. 

If you can join us we will be delighted to see familiar faces (haircuts) and names and hopefully we can preparing for next season. Having said that we would welcome any suggestions you may have with regard to possible speakers.

By the way I have just read an extremely interesting book on the life of Max Bonington, Grandfather of the author and of Sir Chris Bonington the world renowned Adventurer and Mountain Climber (the First mountain he ever climbed was The Sugar Loaf). Max lived his retirement until his death in 1956 in his home on The Rise in Mount Merrion. I doubt if many people in Ireland knew what a life he led in the Andaman Islands. History is all around us.

Stay safe, please join us on May 4th at 8pm.

Zoom Meeting Details: Tuesday May 4th @ 8pm        

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Des Smyth

Mount Merrion Historical Society