New Planning Application for Flanagan’s site & Union Café Site (D21A/0202)

Please find below a summary of Current Planning Application for Flanagan’s site and Union Café Site DLRCC REF: D21A/0202

  • Site Notice Erected: 11-Mar-2021
  • Lodged with DLCCR: 11-Mar-2021
  • Details Posted Online by DLRCC:  25-Mar-2021
  • Last Date for Observations: 14 April 2021

(No allowance given for: (a) 14 days taken by DLRCC to post online and (b) 3 no. bank holidays/ 2 no. public holidays within the 5-week period.)

Application seeks the removal of the lower basement car parking level, removal of 59 car parking spaces and reallocation of car parking spaces within the two sites to provide for a total car parking of 133 spaces. Provision of car parking is based on criteria which continues to evolve.

Prior to this current Planning Application the approved car parking on both sites was:

  • Flanagan’s: D15A/0121 and ABP06D245755 – (79)
  • Reduced during compliance with conditions:  73
  • Union Café: D17A/0951 and ABP301502    119
  • Hence Total: 73 + 119 = 192

Application of possible criteria would allocate the following maximum number of car parking spaces:

  1. DLRCC Development Plan 2016 -2022 = 213 spaces (current)
  2. DLRCC (Draft) Development Plan 2022- 2028 = 205 spaces (still draft)
  3. National Apartment Guidelines 2018: 165 spaces (debatable if applicable here)

(All 3 criteria would allocate a total of 64 car parking spaces for the restaurant and pub).

The current Planning Application proposes a total 133 car parking spaces. This is clearly significantly less than any of the above standards. It includes a small provision of 25 car parking spaces for the restaurant and pub.

Residents should consider the implications of this current application on the existing traffic and parking constraints local to Deerpark Road/ Wilson Road/ North Avenue/ Church of St Therese carpark and Mount Merrion residents generally.

Residents should also note that the latest date for submission of any observations is 14th April 2021.