New Planting at South Avenue Entrance to Mount Merrion

MMRA, in collaboration with DLR, have organised and part funded the lovely new planting at the entrance to Mount Merrion on South Avenue. The agapanthus, bergina, ferns and prostate pines will continue the gorgeous planting on the Lower Kilmacud Road. This will be further enhanced by bulbs to give Springtime colour.  Your subscriptions to MMRA, and the goodwill of DLR has enabled this project.

Two mature Beech trees were planted on either side of the road on South Avenue a number of years ago, paid for by MMRA.  All these will provide a charming entrance to Mount Merrion Estate.

The plants will need to be watered regularly, every two days, by volunteers on Lower South Avenue if they are to survive and thrive.  The hope is that neighbours will set up a rota to do this, as has been done on other roads in Mount Merrion fortunate enough to get new street planting. Grey water, previously used for washing is quite acceptable.  If you can help with watering please email us at