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National Transport Authority Consultation – Dublin 2022-2042

The NTA have prepared a preliminary draft Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area which sets out the framework for investment in transport infrastructure and services from 2022 to 2042. Submissions can be made via their website. The closing date for submissions is Friday 17th December 2021.

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Door-to-door Traders, Garden Services & Repairs – Buyer Beware

Garda John O’Shea advises the following simple measures people should do before getting any work done, whether the job is €50 or €50,000.

Check if the company is on the Companies Registration Office, verify the company has insurance and a VAT number. Ask for 3 references and check them out.

Even when employing a reputable company always use a method of payment that is traceable e.g. electronic payments. Never engage a person who insists on cash payment for services offered – it is non traceable.

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MMRA Environment – Supporting Local Business

As part of the MMRA’s continuing support for our local, family run coffee shop on Trees Road Upper, Café Divinos, MMRA Environment volunteers planted up the wooden Planters marking the outdoor dining space with Heucharas and Carex, providing winter colour... read more

Thank you Volunteer Weeders!

The new formal planting at South Avenue was getting weed infested so, responding to MMRA’s call, 6 ladies turned up on two mornings and cleared the area of weeds, ensuring it will be beautiful for the winter.  Another great Community... read more

New Planters Redesdale & Thornhill

Two beautiful Acers have been planted in the new large wooden planters purchased by MMRA which front onto Redesdale Road and back onto Thornhill Road. The planters have been underplanted with Spring bulbs, snowdrops, crocus, daffodils, tulips and alliums.

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Oatlands Monastery Site – Construction Notice

The Contractor on the Oatlands Monastery Site – which is accessed through Cherrygarth has advised that they intend using approximately 30 trucks per day during next week to bring in blocks for the proposed houses at the front (Cherrygarth side) and cart away excavated material from their excavations for the proposed Apartment blocks at rear of their site. MMRA Planning Committee    ... read more

Rain Gullies – Please Keep Clear

Kerbside leaf sweeping outside our own homes and checking rain gullies are clear of debris will help prevent/ alleviate flooding incidents during the winter months ahead.

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Crime Prevention this Winter

Top tips from Sergeant James Malone, dlr Crime Prevention Officer with An Garda Síochána on how to prevent crime during the winter months.

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