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Deerpark welcomes more new trees

Thank you to all the dlr Environment team for the newly planted row of Amelanchier trees on the avenue entrance from Deerpark Road and New Oaks planted in parallel to North Avenue, opposite Scoil San Treasa.  We are delighted to see the new trees.... read more

EIRCODES & Postal Deliveries

Including your EIRCODE, and ‘Mount Merrion, BLACKROCK’ on delivery details will help ensure that your post and parcels arrive at the right destination.

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Mount Merrion Spring Clean & Green Verge Tidy up 2021

Mount Merrion Residents Association held its Annual Spring The Sun Gods shone on us and the Rain Clouds stayed away. About 40 adults and 20 children turned up to help out and many did their own tidy up outside their own houses.

Hedges were trimmed, verges were cut and weeds were removed from kerbs. 10 Panda bags, paid for by MMRA, were filled. 20 Blue bags were stuffed with rubbish that otherwise would lay behind hedges, in ditches and filling our historic HAHA wall…

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dlr County Development Plan 2022-2028 – Virtual Tour

The County Development Plan guides future growth and development in the County. The Plan sets out the policy objectives and the overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the County over the plan period from 2022 to 2028. Submissions to dlr by 16th April.

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Bees & Swarming

From spring onwards we may be treated to the sight of swarming bees from managed or feral colonies. It’s a very exciting phenomenon, with thousands of bees taking to the air, then clustering close to the original hive and finally moving onto their new home. If you have bees swarming in or near your property and you would like them removed, some of our residents would be keen to catch these valuable pollinators! 

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