DLR Notices



Resident Dog Owners & Dog Walkers

MMRA have installed a Mutt Mitt Dog Foul Bag Dispenser outside Eds to help reduce incidence of dog fouling in Mount Merrion.

With everyone spending so much time in their gardens and many working from home, please be mindful of neighbours. Many dogs do not like to being left alone in gardens for lengthy periods and in some cases the presence of foxes will give rise to certain dog breeds reacting with sustained barking.

There are many reasons why a dog may be barking and dog owners may not realise that it’s happening, the extent of it, or that it may be a disruption to others. Any concerns should be addressed in a friendly manner by speaking with your neighbour.

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New Planting at South Avenue/ Lower Kilmacud Road

DLRCC have kindly extended the Amaryllis, Agapanthus and Tulbaghia planting from Lower Kilmacud Road onto South Avenue, on both sides of the road. A lovely entrance to Mount Merrion. The plants and bulbs that MMRA had previously planted at the South Avenue placename will be re-homed to communal green spaces in Mount Merrion.

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dlr Bealtaine Events May 2021

Bealtaine is a month long festival in May featuring performances, exhibitions, discussions, workshops and readings by artists working in different art forms all over Ireland. ou can find all information on the DLRCC programme and how to register for events here.

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Planning Information Update

The planning status of current sites that may have significant impact in Mount Merrion and general planning matters controlled directly by DLRCC but affecting residents including the proposed Cycle Route through Mount Merrion and the DLRCC County Development Plan.

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