Planning Information Update

The Planning Sub-Committee of Mount Merrion Resident Association reviews and takes action on relevant planning matters that will affect residents.  The planning status of current sites that may have significant impact in Mount Merrion is summerised below.

It should be noted that a typical Planning Permission lapses after a period of five years from the date of Final Grant unless the approved development is substantially completed at that time.

1. Stone Park, 88 Trees Road Upper 
Construction complete. Reinstatement of public verges awaiting final site visits by Irish Water and ESB.

2. Flanagans Site and Union Café
Construction recommenced on Flanagans site after Easter 2021.
Recent Planning Application D21A/0202, for reduced car parking, refused by DLRCC 29-Apr-2021.

3. Cherrygarth (Oatlands)
No evidence of any construction on site, but Developer has recently lodged compliance documents in respect of 3 conditions on existing Planning Application D16A/0465. Hence, construction may soon start.

4. Thornhill House

  • Construction recommenced after Easter 2021 on foot of the original Planning Permission (An Bord Pleanála PD06D.300244) for 42 dwelling units.
  • The Developers current Planning Application D20A/0432, which sought to increase the number of dwelling units from 42 to 54, was refused by DLRCC, but appealed by the Applicant. An Bord Pleanála still to issue its decision.
  • On 22-Apr-2021 DLRCC refused Planning Permission D21A/0161 for an additional 10 dwelling units.

5. Site at 24, 26 and 28 Fosters Avenue
The current site owner has lodged two Planning Applications:

  • On 04-Nov-2020 DLRCC granted Planning Permission D20A/0406 for Demolition with 12 conditions. Appeals by MMRA and others were lodged with An Bord Pleanála. Decision awaited.
  • On 18-Mar-2021 DLRCC granted Planning Permission D20A/0670 for 68 apartments with 39 conditions. A total of 12 third parties including MMRA appealed to the decision to An Bord Pleanála and the Applicant also appealed 3 conditions. An Bord Pleanála offered qualifying appellants 3rd party applicants a further opportunity to comment before 10-May-2121. Final decision unlikely before September 2021.

General Planning matters controlled directly by DLRCC but affecting Mount Merrion residents include:

  • The Rise/N11 junction: Construction at The Rise/N11 junction has now been completed. Traffic movements seem to be much improved but residents to monitor.
    • 4/05/21: MMRA have requested that the Yellow Box at the junction of Greygates/The Rise be reinstated. REF: DLR-CRM 222473 was referred to DLR Traffic Department for their attention on May 4th.  Pending update.
  • South Avenue/Lower Kilmacud Road junction: There is no known immediate plan by DLRCC for further works at the South Avenue/Kilmacud Road junction.
  • DLRCC Proposed Cycle Route through Mount Merrion

MMRA had a further Zoom call this week with DLRCC and their Consultants on the ‘Sea to Mountains’ proposed cycle route through Mount Merrion as part of the Active School Travel proposal.  DLRCC still proposes the route to cross the N11 at the Mount Merrion Avenue/N11 junction as follows:

  • cyclists to go through the N11 pedestrian entrance at Sycamore Crescent (East Avenue) up to The Rise, replacing the staggered barriers at N11 with bollards
  • minimal road markings up Sycamore Crescent (East Avenue) but reducing the width of existing roadway, increasing the width of the existing 2 islands at Sycamore Road/Sycamore Crescent junction, crossing The Rise and into the South entrance of the existing Church carpark.
  • Vehicle traffic into the Church carpark will enter via the North gate and exit via the South gate.
  • the route up the South side of the car park to the school gate will consist of a dedicated pedestrian walkway (1.8m wide) and a side-by-side dedicated double cycle lane (3.0m wide) but with cross overs/bollards etc.
  • the route along the laneway to the South of the school at Trees Avenue towards South Avenue/the Deerpark is to be a non-dedicated shared space.

The DLRCC proposed route raises a number of fundamental issues, including safety concerns. Mount Merrion Residents Association is aware that other groups have similar concerns while some others may approve.  MMRA has advised DLRCC that further local consultations are required.


DLRCC Development Plan 2022 – 2028

  • MMRA lodged Observations to DLRCC in respect of the DLRCC Draft Development Plan 2022 – 2028 before the closing date of 16/04/2021.
  • Residents should note that the final approval of the Development remains a statutory function of Councillors. Hence, concerned residents should engage with their local Councillors.


MMRA Planning Committee