Door to door Traders, Repairs & Garden Services – Security Tips

Door to door Traders, Repairs & Garden Services – Security Tips

People routinely employ door-to-door traders and repair people / contractors.  Some of these people carry out very little work and charge exorbitant amounts of money for their services.  Community Garda John O’Shea advises the following simple measures people should do before getting any work done, whether the job is €50 or €50,000.

When Procuring a Builder/ Tradesmen or Garden Services:

  1. Check if the company is on the Companies Registration Office Ireland on
  2. Verify the company or person has insurance.
  3. Verify the company or person has a VAT number.
  4. Ask for 3 references. Residents should visit and talk to people who have used said company or person.
  5. Even when employing a reputable company always use a method of payment that is traceable  e.g. electronic payments.
  6. Never engage a person who insists on cash payment for services offered.  They want cash as it’s non traceable and cannot be traced by revenue or social welfare.

Be particularly careful where sales documentation only displays mobile contact numbers or incomplete addresses.

Telephone directory enquiries can assist in establishing the credibility and bona-fides of the company or individual concerned.

Whilst there is no guarantee to the standard of work being done these measures may reduce the probability of sub-standard work.

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