Mount Merrion Trees Old & New

We get many queries about street trees, the removal of them and the wish of the homeowner for a replacement.  Our Environment Committee keep a list of requests and contact on to the Council on your behalf.  We would encourage homeowners to contact DLRCC Parks Department directly as well at, attention Lorraine O’Hara.

It is council policy to remove the stumps, though this can take a long time. Residents can contact the Parks Department at and request they do so, and keep requesting they do it, until it is done.  Please note that if the roots of an old tree are still there another tree can’t be planted in the same spot.  For more information on dlr Trees click here


Beech Trees on East Avenue/ Sycamore Crescent

East Avenue Beech Tree felled for safety 12-2020A sad farewell to two beautiful mature Beech trees on East Avenue which were felled by the council in December.  The trees were diseased and were removed for health and safety reasons.   MMRA has contacted the Council regarding getting these big specimen trees replaced as soon as possible.  Residents can also contact DLRCC directly at attention Lorraine O’Hara.

Beehive found in diseased Beech Tree felled on East Avenue. Bees have gone to beekeeper for safekeeping over winterAn interesting discovery on the day was an active beehive inside the trunk of the large Beech Tree.  The contractor secured the bees in the log and loaded them into the back of the truck.  They contacted the council to get a beekeeper to look at them.  According to our own local beekeeper Edward Simons the best action is the leave the bees in the log for the winter.
Cherrygarth  – Most Cherry trees in Mount Merrion are over 60 years old and so have reached their life expectancy.  It is good practice to remove them, as the Council have done recently.  It is their policy also to remove the stumps, though this can take a long time.  Residents can contact the Parks Department at and request the stumps be removed and that they replace the street trees.

Cherrygarth - tree stump








Damaged & Diseased Trees

Redesale Tree damaged by wind May 22, 2020Redesdale Road Tree Stump after dlr removed fallen dead tree May 22, 2020Redesdale Road – The winds of May were too strong for this dead tree located near the junction of Redesdale Road /Trees Road Upper.  Split open on May 21st, DLRCC promptly felled and removed it on May 22nd.





The Rise/Trees Road Lower

Sycamore Tree felled at junction ofThe Rise/ Trees Road Upperdlrcc Preparation of Tree Base at Junction The Rise / Trees Road LowerTree base being prepared for future planting - The Rise/Trees Road junctionThe mature Sycamore Tree at junction of The Rise/ Trees Road was sadly was felled in November for safety reasons.  It was dead on one side.  DLRCC Parks have assured MMRA that a replacement tree will be planted when the root system allows.

The Willow Tree near junction with The Rise has overhanging branches are obscuring traffic visibility at this junction.  MMRA have requested the branches be trimmed.  Pending an update.


South Avenue / Lower Kilmacud Road Junction 

MMRA negotiated with the Council for two years to plant large Mature Beech trees at the South Avenue/ Lower Kilmacud Road junction, which we contributed €200 towards.

When the road works took place at the junction of Lower Kilmacud Road/South Avenue, MMRA liaised closely with the contractor to preserve and eventually move the granite place name stone back, so it was not obscured by the many poles.

Clare worked with DLRCC to protect the Honey Locus tree MMRA planted at the back of the stone.  The tree was temporarily rehomed in a pot in Clare’s front garden for safe-keeping.  After two years of minding, it was recently replanted about 10 feet back from the stone in a less congested position.

mount-merrion-placename-1We plan to replant around the place name in 2021.  The present planting of purchased bee-friendly wildflowers was a failed experiment!  Hundreds of euro of bulbs paid for by MMRA and planted by Clare, will bloom next Spring and we will remove the wildflowers to a more suitable location.  If you would like to get involved in planting, please get in touch.   Any assistance would be much appreciated.  Email us at


A special word of thanks to residents who helped water the New Trees planted in 2018 and 2019 on South Avenue, Thornhill Road, Redesdale Road and Wilson Road over the dry summer months.   The severe drought meant the water table was really low and could not be accessed by young roots.  Each tree needs at least a bucket of water, every day over the dry spring and summer months to survive.  Grey water, previously used for washing is quite acceptable for these trees.   It really took a lot of work in co-operation with dlr County Council to get these trees installed, so we are keen to see them thrive.

Mature Beech Tree recently planted on South Avenue

redesdale_deerpark_trees redesdale_trees redesdale_trees redesdale_trees New tree in need of daily watering, Trees Road near The Rise