Planning sought for massive development on Union Cafe site.

An application under Reference  Number D16A/0370 was lodged with Dun Laoighre Rathdown County Council yesterday 24th May. The details of the application as it appears on DLR website is as follows:

Permission for the demolition of the existing four storey building containing the pub and café/restaurant and the construction of a four to five storey mixed use building of 15,800 sqm gross floor space, over a one to three level basement (from Deerpark Road datum). The building will have parking for retail customers (113 cars) at Level -3, 1 retail unit (1,300 sqm) 1 service yard and ancillary facilities, 1 gymnasium (350 sqm) and 1 café (265 sqm) at Level -2, 3 further retail units (totalling 450 sqm), car parking for residents (72 cars, 46 bicycle spaces) and an open public terrace at Level -1, 1 restaurant (410 sqm), 1 pub (200 sqm) and two courtyards with a play area at Level 0 (1,040 sqm). A roof garden is to be located at level +3 (200 sqm). 46 residential dwelling units (3 one bed, 34 two bed and 9 three bed units) located across Levels 0 to 4, amenity spaces for residents located across Levels 0 to 4 and ancillary site works to include boundary treatment and landscaping. Various plant provisions are located throughout the building. 38 non-resident bicycle spaces will also be provided on site. Vehicular and pedestrian access Deerpark Road, North Avenue and Wilson Road.
an evaluation of the impact of this development on Mount Merrion. Our initial reaction is that this is almost identical to the plans shown to the local community earlier this year and which has caused serious concern  to almost all Mount Merrion residents due to the very negative impact such a massive development will have on the local environment, massive traffic increases, risks to children  and general degradation of our amenities.

If you have any comments or questions related to this or the other major developments taking place locally we would like to hear from you.You can email us through the website.

 Note: Final date for Observations is 27-June 2016