Tidy Roads Judging Starts 4th July

Tidy Roads Judging Starts 4th July


Early next month the adjudicators will visit all 34 roads in Mount Merrion. Each road will be examined and marked on subjects such as Litter, Weeds, Walls and Hedges, Grass Verges, Neatness, Appearance and Upkeep.

The Litter problem of the past is not as big an issue today, many residents actually make a habit of picking up litter (cans and crisp bags etc.) and either bin it or bring it home for binning.

WEEDS—-now there is a real problem, more points are deducted because of weeds. Weeds are allowed grow on the gutters or paths outside lovely houses. They are YOUR responsibility, not the Councils. Your Road will lose valuable points because of the weeds. Please take out the Hoe or Spade and give them the old Heave Ho and if you have an elderly or a less able neighbour please earn Brownie Points and clears theirs as well..

Hedges overgrowing on the Footpath is a No no. It is dangerous as well as being unsightly, trim them back, watch out for nesting birds.

GRASS VERGES are not Car Parks. Parked Cars on the Grass lose valuable points.

YOUR HOME can be the winning or losing decider for your road. How does yours shape up?

Remember the Judging will commence on 4th July. Do your bit, your neighbours will thank you.