Massive new development planned for Cherrygarth

A planning notice was posted today at No 2 Cherrygarth to the effect that planning permission is being sought for 63 residences on the Oatlands site just at the back of Trees Road. This will include 2 four storey blocks of apartments. Duplexes and other housing units.

This is becoming a planning disaster for Mount Merrion! We have Flanagans, Union Cafe, 93 The Rise, Roebuck Avenue and now this ! all in one calendar year.  We, the residents must come together and fight this.

It appears that all power now rests with the unelected bureaucrats? We may have to resort to the “new politics” not being talked about in Dail Eireann ie PEOPLE POWER?

We will keep you informed as more information comes to hand and we will be looking at a plan to try to fight this onslaught.