Union Cafe – Make your views known to Bord Pleanala before next Thursday afternoon

Mount Merrion under siege

Dear Resident,

We urgently need your help NOW!

There are currently 3 major developments being planned for Mount Merrion. If they all proceed as planned, they will seriously affect the quality of life of all local residents.

The Mount Merrion Residents Association can observe and keep abreast of these developments, but your assistance is essential if we are to influence them.

The 3 planned developments are outlined below:

  1. Old Flanagan’s Site: Bord Pleanala has approved permission for 48 apartments and four offices.
  1. Union Café Site: DLR CC has rejected an application for 46 apartments, a pub, restaurant, café, Gym, supermarket, 3 shops in a 5 storey over 3 storey basement structure. This is the subject of this appeal.
  1. Oatlands Site: DLR CC has refused permission for 63 houses/apartments and will likely be appealed to Bord Pleanala.

At this time, we urgently need your assistance regarding the Union Café site. Observations must be with An Bord Pleanala by 8th September latest, so we would ask you to read this leaflet and take action now.

Everyone is entitled to make an observation.

If we don’t do so, we risk our beautiful neighbourhood (the reasons we all live here) being destroyed for the benefit of developer’s profits.

We need you to help us to help you!

Mount Merrion Residents Association




Union Café Site

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown CC has turned down the planning application for this site.

The developers have now appealed this decision to An Bord Pleanala. It is critical that the residents of Mount Merrion make their views known to An Bord Pleanala by 8th September. There is no change to the plan rejected by DLR CC, so we are recommending that you ask An Bord Pleanala to reject this appeal.

We detail below the process you must follow when making an observation. (You make ‘observations’ to An Bord Pleanala, not objections). Anyone can make an observation irrespective of whether or not you made an observation/objection to DLR.

The cost of making an ‘observation’ is €50 (a worthwhile investment to protect your neighbourhood and quality of life?).

You can also get together with a few of your neighbours and make a joint observation for the one fee of €50.

If you have any questions or need help, you can contact us through the website   mountmerrion.ie or contact any member of the committee, but please act now.

How to submit an observation on the Union Café appeal to An Bord Pleanala

Everyone is entitled to make an observation to An Bord Pleanala on this development.

To do this they should write a letter outlining the basis for their observation in their own words and mail it to:

The Secretary, An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, or

deliver it by hand to an employee of the Board (not a security person) during office hours (9.15 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.) on Monday to Friday, so that the appeal reaches the Board by 5.30pm on 8th September.

Do not place the appeal in the Board’s letterbox.

Enclose the Fee which is €50 either as a cheque or postal order.

In your letter or submission please ensure you include the following:

  • Location: Site of former Kiely’s Public House, Deerpark Road, North Avenue and Wilson Road, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin.
  • Name of planning authority: Dun Laoighre Rathdown County Council.
  • Reference number: D16A/0370 (PL06D.247083)

In your letter outline in full the basis for your observations and the reasons, considerations and arguments on which they are based.


Your own address


To:  The Secretary,

An Bord Pleanala.

64 Marlborough street,

Dublin 1.


Location: Site of former Kiely’s Public House, Deerpark Road, North Avenue and Wilson Road, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin.

Name of planning authority: Dun Laoighre Rathdown County Council.

Reference number: D16A/0370 (PL6D.247083)


Enclosed is a cheque/Postal order for €50 payable to An Bord Pleanala

Signed: Joe Boggs

Supporting signatories and Road with number.



Possible basis for observations

Residents writing observation letters might comment on acceptance of good quality residences with a finish that is in harmony/keeping with the surrounding key buildings. Residents are not against development of the site – a reasonable proposal incorporating apartments and similar commercial activity to what is already there would meet with general approval from most residents. We object to this development in terms of its specifics and in particular in relation to the enormous quantity of commercial space that is sought – particularly retail space which draws unsustainable traffic to the area.

Location: Junction of three roads, Traffic. Over 500 meters from the QBC Steep hill

Nature of the development: Scale, mass and colour

Physical impacts: Not sympathetic to the environment, topography or location.

Social:  combined with Flanagan’s it is far too big. A disaster for the community and location.

Economic. ABP removed the retail element from Flanagans. Not needed and will destroy   existing social fabric of small local shops.

The likely effects on the environment, children and elderly people.

Public consultation was a sham. The appeal makes great play on the fact that they amended the design after public consultation.  They claim there is local support? Give your views on this. There may have been some technical amendments but the issues identified by residents – principally the massive over-provision of retail space was not addressed at all.  ABP need to be shown that the public consultation was meaningless.

Write about the likely impacts on you personally:

  • Impacts on drainage, water and sewage
  • Noise from the Gym, pub café, delivery trucks traffic
  • Roads/Traffic. Road system currently overloaded
  • Wilson, Deerpark cannot handle current traffic volumes
  • Child safety
  • Views and vistas
  • The problem is with the gross commercial component
  • Moderation of criticism but strongly pointing out inaccuracies and alternatives should be encouraged.
  • Traffic and destruction of road system during construction.