Tidy Roads Judging Starts 4th July

Early next month the adjudicators will visit all 34 roads in Mount Merrion. Each road will be examined and marked on subjects such as Litter, Weeds, Walls and Hedges, Grass Verges, Neatness, Appearance and Upkeep.

Act now to stop the Union Cafe application?

What are we asking you to do?

Residents are entitled to object to this development if they disagree with the proposed development. To do this they should write a letter outlining the basis for their objection in their own words to:

Chief Planning Officer, County Hall, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin.

Only 5 days left to submit your objection – do it now!!

Planning issues – Application Reference: D16A/0370                                      The proposed development is over 15,800 sq. meters, versus 5200 sq. meters approved for Flanagans on a similar size site, within 40 meters of a playground, near a school and a church. The site is bounded on three sides by mature residential structures of one and two stories in height and when taken in conjunction with the Flanagan site completely alters the landscape of the area I/We are absolutely opposed to a supermarket and other retail stores on this site because the retail needs of the area are more than adequately served. There is currently 2,000 sq. meters of retail space in Mount Merrion: the Union Cafe plan will add a further 2625 sq. meters. Traffic from outside Mount Merrion to this facility will dramatically add to the existing overloaded road system. A similar proposal was put forward by the Flanagan’s site owners in 2013 was refused permission. The site of the proposed development at Kiely’s is different from Flanagan’s in that the height, mass and aesthetic of the proposed development is dramatically different to the existing footprint on the site. My\our position is that the proposed development is completely over scaled and will have a serious negative impact on the wider built environment of Mount Merrion. The existing building on the site whilst far from ideal went some way towards being sympathetic towards its surroundings with its tiled hipped roof which is in keeping with the local environment. Deerpark Road and Wilson Road have just over 100 houses in total – development of these two sites (Flanagans and Union Café)...