Historical Memorabilia Evening – this Thursday

This talk will be different. A handful of ordinary people will talk for a few minutes on a subject of rare and in some cases personal interest. Topics include Rare Irish coins, 1930s Cartoons, 1920s memorabilia from Cork, Leaders of the UN in the 1970’s, Irish Genealogical Society…Do come along. See you at 8pm in Mount Merrion Community Centre.

Residents issues with Thornhill development

Thornhill House development on DLR Planning website. Documents and submissions.      Full details of the planned development and the appeal are available on the DLR website. See link above.                          Bungalows being overlooked by a block of four storey apartments only 30 meters away. This will seriously compromise privacy and result in overlooking and shading for a significant period each day. A reduction of the height to two stories would significantly reduce the impact both on Cherrygarth and on the protected structure – Thornhill House. The proposed plan is unsustainable when taken in conjunction with the Oatlands development located less than 50 meters away which has planning permission to build over sixty residences. The cumulative impact of an additional 100 plus residences in such a small area is unsustainable. This will radically change the character of the area and negatively impact on the existing residents. Traffic exiting on to Trees Road will quadruple and will find it very difficult if not impossible to exit on to Trees Road and will cause even longer delays on that road than is currently the case. This junction is already dangerous due to inadequate line of sight for exiting traffic. The knock-on effect will impact on the already overcrowded South Avenue, North Avenue and The Rise. The entrances to the proposed new development and the Oatlands development – D16A/0465 – are almost opposite each other. This is dangerous from a traffic flow standpoint due to the narrow nature of the roads. Inadequate visitor parking provision for both developments will certainly result...