Would you give one hour every month the keep Mount Merrion tidy?

Would you give one hour every month the keep Mount Merrion tidy?

Mount Merrion is generally a beautiful area but we still have a serious litter problem in certain areas.  We appeal, again, to all householders to clean and tidy outside their own house and to assist neighbours who are unable to do this for themselves.

Particular problematic areas are those that belong to all of us as residents, Deerpark, the Green Area at the end of The Rise bounded by the N11, The East Avenue and Green Areas in Cherrygarth.

What can we do about it?

For people who would like to help by donating an hour of their time every month Clare Kelly  is organising a one hour clean-up of an area every month.

If you would like to help come along to the Community Centre on Tuesday 7th February commenced at 10.30am, so February 7th where the group will meet.

MMRA High visibility jackets, pickers and blue bags will be available. The group will pick rubbish in a suggested area for about an hour, leave the full bags on the steps of The Park for the Council to collect. They will then adjourn for complementary coffees and  a sociable chat! If you are free, do come along, it is useful and rewarding and you may even make some new friends?

Clare can be contacted through the website