Clean up day – 8th April

Clean up day is on Saturday 8th April.We  urge all residents to make a special effort this year to maintain Mount Merrion as the cleanest, tidiest and best places to live in Dublin! To achieve this we ask every resident to ensure the area around their property is kept free of litter and if possible to adopt a nearby litter blackspot which they will help  clean up. Yes, we do have a few blackspots which we will hightlight over the next couple of weeks . Clare Kelly is leader of the Environmental sub committee and she would love to hear from anyone willing to help in this regard. Keeping Mount Merrion in pristine condition is not a one day effort – it requires a little effort over the whole year. Clare can be contacted through this website.

Come to the Community Centre anytime after 10am and join in the fun ? Gloves, bags and pickers will be available.