Application: Site of c.2.75 hectares at Knockrabo, Mount Anville Road, Goatstown, Dublin 14 (Phase 2).

Permission for development. The site is bounded to the south-east by Mount

Permission for development.

The site is bounded to the south-east by Mount Anville road; to the south by ‘Mount Anville Lodge’ and by the rear boundaries of ‘Thendara’ (a Protected Structure), ‘The Garth’ (a Protected Structure), ‘Chimes’, ‘Hollywood House’ (a Protected Structure); to the south-west by existing allotments; to the north by the reservation corridor for the Dublin Eastern By-Pass (DEBP); and to the east by the site of residential development ‘Knockrabo’, permitted under DLRCC Reg. Ref. D13A/0689/An Bord Pleanála (ABP) Ref. PL06D.243799 and DLRCC Reg. Ref. D16A/0821 (Phase 1) and DLRCC Reg. Ref. D16A/0960 (Phase 1A).

The site includes ‘Cedar Mount; (a Protected Structure), ‘Knockrabo Gate Lodge (West)’ (a Protected Structure), including entrance gates and piers.

The development will consist of a total of c.11,910.1 sqm Gross Floor Area (GFA), consisting of 93 no. Residential Units, Childcare Facility (c.400 sqm GFA) and Community/Leisure Uses (c.223 sqm GFA) and all ancillary works as follows:

Block E (c.1,237.3 sqm GFA) 4 storey over basement level, comprising 12 no. apartments (1 no. 1 bed, 8 no. 2 beds and 3 no. 3 beds) with semi-recessed balconies; bicycle and bin storage at ground floor level; car parking at basement and surface levels with vehicular access from Knockrabo Way (permitted access from Mount Anville Road);

Block F: (c.837.5 sqm GFA) 5 storey block comprising 9 no. apartments (5 no. 1 beds, 3 no. 2 beds and 1 no. 3 bed), semi-recessed balconies; bicycle and bin storage at ground floor level with surface level bicycle and car parking;

Block G (c.4,283.4 sqm GFA) L shaped block comprising 3-4 storeys over basement (western block), 5 storey over basement (southern block); consisting of 36 no. apartments (6 no. 1 beds, 19 no. 2 beds, 4 no. 3 beds, 7 no. 2/3 bed duplex units) with semi-recessed balconies/terraces, storage at ground floor level;

block H (c.1,897.2 sqm GFA); 6 storey over basement comprising 12 no. apartments (2 no. 2 beds, 10 no. 3 beds) with semi-recessed balconies; blocks G + H are located over a single basement level comprising lower levels of 2 no. duplex apartments, bin and bicycle storage, lobby and services rooms, car parking, with vehicular access on northern side of Block H and with a landscaped courtyard at ground floor level between the blocks.

Blocks E, F, G & H to comprise sedum roofs and solar panels at roof level. 20 no. (new build) houses comprising (4 no. 4 bed 2.5 storey semi-detached units (c.165 sqm GFA), 10 no. 5 bed 2.5 storey semi-detached units (c.207.4 sqm GFA – c.265.5 sqm GFA), 4 no. 4 bed 2 storey detached units (c.155.7 sqm GFA), 1 no. 3 bed townhouse (c.126.2 sqm GFA) and 1 no. 1-2 storey ‘Gate House’ (c.122.6 sqm GFA) to the west of proposed repositioned entrance to Cedar Mount from Mount Anville Road.

The continued use of existing ‘Coach House‘ as a residential dwelling and for internal/external repair/refurbishment works at ground and first floor levels, including the removal of 3 no. roof lights, 1 no. metal clad dormer roof window and external water tank; the construction of 2 no. single storey flat roof extensions (c.35.5 sqm GFA), revisions to the external façade including the addition of 1 no. new window ope on the south façade and rendered finish to all original façades, solar panels at roof level, removal/re-use of stone to form new garden wall; to provide 1 no. 2 bed house (c.99.5 sqm) with refurbished stone shed (c.13.9 sqm for storage).

The continued use of Knockrabo Gate Lodge (west)(a Protected Structure) as a residential dwelling and for repair/refurbishment works including demolition of existing single storey extension (c.41.9 sqm GFA)(including section to boundary wall); demolition of external timber terrace and stairs; removal of 1 no. roof light and 1 no. internal partition wall; construction of replacement extension (c.77.5 sqm GFA) to provide 1 no. 3-bed unit (c.128 sqm GFA) with solar panels at roof level, bin storage, landscaping, all repair works to the existing gate and piers and all associated internal and external elevational changes.

The proposed development comprises works to Cedar Mount (a Protected Structure) to provide: 1 no. Childcare Facility at lower ground floor level (c.400 sqm GFA) with associated external play and bin storage areas; Community/Leisure Uses at ground floor level (c.223 sqm GFA), comprising gym/studio (c.35.6 sqm GFA), Meeting room (c.28.4 sqm GFA) and conservatory room (c.21.6 sqm GFA) and 2 no. 2 bed apartments at 1st floor level, (c.77.6 sqm GFA and c.88.2 sqm GFA).

The works to Cedar Mount to consist of: At lower ground floor/basement level, the removal of 2 no. WCs, sections of external and internal walls and access doors; insertion of openings through external and internal walls; removal of internal staircase to ground floor level; repair of existing ‘loggia’ (covered external corridor) on northern, north-western and north-eastern façades, with revised elevations comprising glazed panels/glazed entrance doors, located with loggia opes; the additional area (c.58 sqm GFA) to form part of proposed Childcare Facility; At ground floor level removal of wooden staircase to 1st floor level and replacement with open-tread staircase; demolition of utility room (c.6.7 sqm GFA) and conservatory room (c.31.5 sqm GFA) including single-pitched roof and replacement with conservatory room (c.21.6 sqm GFA) with flat roof on south-western side of Cedar Mount with sedum roof; removal of 1 no. WC: At first floor level removal of sections of internal walls/access doors, insertion of doors through internal walls; re-instatement of 1 no. new chimney stack on the western end of the existing roof; replacement of rubble masonry finish with lime and sand plaster finish on all elevations relating to sections of original façade; removal of security bars from existing windows in front porch; replacement/reconfiguration of rainwater downpipes, hopper heads and associated roof outlets; re-modelling of extension on northern side including replacement of timber/pressed metal cladding with brick/zinc cladding and glazing at ground and 1st floor levels, removal/replacement of internal/external doors and windows; replacement of flat roof deck, parapet eaves and roof light with flat roof comprising brick/zinc clad parapet and removal of internal link at 1st floor level; removal of external wooden staircase on north of Cedar Mount and associated infill repair works to external wall at ground floor level; replacement of external glass/concrete gate and guarding to terrace with rendered block-work wall and steel handrail and associated infill works to section of existing parapet wall on eastern side of Cedar Mount; all hard and soft landscaping including removal of external lamp stands, revisions to garden wall and pillars on western side of Cedar Mount and all associated internal and elevational changes.

The development will be served by the permitted access road ‘Knockrabo Way’ (DLRCC Reg. Ref. D13A/0689 ABP Ref. PL06D.243799, DLRCC Reg. Ref. D16A/0821 and DLRCC Reg. Ref. D16A/0960) with associated amendments comprising 2 no. vehicular access and 3 no. pedestrian access routes from Knockrabo Way to serve the development.

The development will also comprise the repositioning of existing access (including gates and piers) to Cedar Mount (a Protected Structure) on Mount Anville Road by c.8 metres to the north-east with associated works to boundary wall to Mount Anville Road, 159 car parking spaces at basement and surface levels, 1 no. electricity sub-station, all associated landscaping and boundary treatment works including repair and refurbishment works to boundary walls, the provision of public and private open space areas comprising hard and soft landscaping, amendments to permitted open space/landscaping works at north-east of site (DLRCC Reg. Ref. D13A/0689 ABP Ref. PL06D.243799), site services (foul and surface water drainage and water supply) and all other associated site excavation, infrastructural and site development works above and below ground.


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