Poster Free Zone Mount Merrion

Did you know that for over 70 years the 34 roads of Mount Merrion have been on the NO POSTER list?  This agreement with Political Parties and Individuals has been in place for more than 70 years and has rarely if ever been broken.

In recent years the erection of Posters has been subcontracted out to individuals or companies that have no knowledge of the situation.  In these cases the Mount Merrion Residents Association has contacted the local politicians concerned and that usually leads to the immediate removal of the posters.

When election posters were erected on Trees Road Lower last week, Kate Canning President of the MMRA contacted the relevant parties reminding them of our 70 year agreement and the offending posters have since been removed.

If you do spot Political Posters on Poles within the original Walls of Mount Merrion please contact the MMRA and we will arrange for them to be removed.