Covid-19: Government Announce Additional measures to protect citizens by delaying the spread of COVID-19.

Message from Covid-19 Health Communications Stakeholder Support to MMRA

From: Simone Sav <>
Subject: Message from Covid 19 Health Communications Stakeholder Support
Date: 13 March 2020 at 09:49:11 GMT

Dear Stakeholder

As part of the national response to Covid-19, the Department of Health, the Department of Rural and Community Development and the HSE are working closely to support stakeholders and community groups. We will be in regular contact with you to support you and the communities you represent over the weeks ahead.

Today we are writing to you in the first instance to ask for your help in sharing important information in relation to COVID-19.

Today’s Government Announcement:
Today the Government announced additional measures to protect citizens by delaying the spread of COVID-19.

The general public is asked to follow this advice and keep informed of this ongoing outbreak.  

Details of these updated measures can be found here:

More information available at:

Social Media Accounts:
Please follow the following sources on twitter and re-tweet messages relating to COVID-19:


Our collective efforts are critical, we need to do this together, as one community. We will be asking everyone to play their part, to help each other and we’re here to help you.

This phase requires a community effort, every citizen acting responsibly in order to protect our vulnerable and elderly members of society.

Thank you in advance for your support at this important time.

Yours sincerely,

Covid-19 Health Communications Stakeholder Support
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