Meeting re Planning Application 24, 26, 28 Foster Avenue – Tuesday 20th October

The MMRA have been asked by a number of residents to host a call to discuss the proposed development at Glenville on Foster Avenue. We have scheduled a Zoom call for 8pm Tuesday evening October 20th to provide some information from the Planning Sub-Committee.

If you would like to attend please email

The meeting commences at 8.00 pm.  The objective of the meeting is to provide information regarding the proposed development on Foster Avenue and discuss issues related to it.  The meeting is scheduled for 30 minutes. Following an introduction and update from the MMRA, we will seek to handle queries you may have on the proposed development and, where appropriate, in relation to potential planning observations (e.g. the process, timelines, how to make an observation).

If you have any particular queries in mind already, please forward them in advance of the meeting to facilitate the flow of the meeting.  Email

MMRA Planning Committee

Links to Planning Application Details:

  • D20A/0406: DlrCC received “Significant Further Information” in respect of Planning Application for 24, 26, 28 Foster Avenue  – Demolition on the site on 9th October, 2020.  The Information is NOT online, but can be viewed in County Hall (Tel: 01 205 4871).  Deadline for observations is this Thursday 22nd October.
  • D20A/0670: The Developer has lodged a Planning Application for development on the site on 21-09-2020. The Planning Application is online. Deadline for lodgment of any observation is Tuesday 27th October.