Autumn Roadside Leaf Sweep Saturday November 28th

We are planning an Autumn Roadside Leaf Sweep Up on Saturday November 28th.   This will help keep our rain gullies clear of debris as we come into the wet winter weather, and spruce up the kerbs.

MMRA-sponsored Panda Skip Bags will be available in central locations for residents to deposit leaves swept up on the day.  If each resident could sweep outside their own home and place the leaves collected in the skip bag closest to their road.   Help with the footpath area outside an elderly neighbours home would be much appreciated.  The bags will then be collected the following week by Panda.

Please note the Panda Skip Bags are ONLY for Roadside Leaves and for use by residents of Mount Merrion.   No builders waste, litter, soil, rubble, personal garden waste or debris allowed.  The skip bags must only be filled to Level Load.  

All personal garden waste should be placed in your own Brown Wheelie Bin.

Please email if you are able to help out on the day.