dlr Trees & Urban Forestry Strategy – Online Survey

The council is reviewing its dlr Trees Strategy 2011-2015 with a view to adopting a new strategy in Autumn 2021. The new strategy will be designed to meet current and future challenges in managing, protecting and expanding the county’s tree cover.
In advance of preparing a first Draft, and to facilitate public engagement with process, the Council is seeking the views of the public on an ISSUES PAPER it has prepared. The PAPER includes a critical a review of the outgoing dlr TREES Strategy 2011-2015


This is the first opportunity to participate in preparing a new strategy; a second will occur once the first draft of the new strategy has been published. It also poses some Questions and Opportunities for your consideration.


  • dlr Trees & Urban Forestry Strategy Online Survey (Closes 31 Jan 2021)
An Cathaoirleach (pg 1)



Introduction (pg 3)
Tree Benefits (pg 5)
Aims and Objectives (pg 13)



A. The Trees of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (pg 17)
A.1. Gather Information
A.2. Evaluate Street Trees
A.3. Review Significant Trees
A.4. Log and Value Trees
A.5. Increase the Economic Value of Council Trees
A.6. Encourage Balanced Age-profile

B. Trees on Council Land (pg 19)
B.1. Pro-active Tree Management
B.2. Tree Pruning and Removal
B.3. Departmental Responsibilities
B.4. Approach to Specific Tree Threats
B.5. Approach to Natural and Built Heritage

C. Trees on Private Property (pg 34)
C.1. Management of Privately Owned Trees
C.2. Tree Protection and Preservation

D. Trees and Development (pg 37)
D.1. Tree Retention and Aftercare on Development Sites
D.2. Tree Planting and Development
D.3. Trees and Wildlife
D.4. Enforcement

E. Tree Planting, Design and Establishment (pg 40)
E.1. Planting Procedure and Species Selection
E.2. Life-stage Tree Care: Young, Semi-mature, Mature
E.3. Priority Areas for New Tree Planting
E.4. Potential Areas for Woodland Creation
E.5. Tree Replacement

F. Engagement, Awareness and Cooperation (pg 47)
F.1. Engage with Interest Groups
F.2. Education, Promotion and Awareness
F.3. Communication and Cooperation


3. ACTION PLAN (pg 51)

Key Actions 2011 – 2015 (pg 53)
Protect and Care for our trees
Plant more trees, in the right place
Promote education and awareness of trees
Cooperate and engage


A. Context and Terms of Reference
B. References and Sources of Useful Information
C. dlr Tree Cover
D. dlr Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s)
E. Glossary

Sources of Useful Information: