A letter from the President

Dear Mount Merrion residents,

In 1935 when John Kenny started building the first planned development in Mount Merrion he suggested to the first residents that they should form a residents’ committee. Thus the Mount Merrion Residents Association (MMRA) was formed 80 years ago and has continued ever since.

Mount Merrion continues to be one of the more desirable and sought after locations in the Greater Dublin area. It’s a beautiful place to live and to bring up a family and to some small degree the MMRA has had a role to play in that.

Over the intervening three generations the Association has negotiated and worked with the County Council, Developers, Planning Authorities, Environmental Agencies, Religious and Educational authorities and Public Utilities and Bodies in an effort to enhance visual and operational aspects of our Suburb. The various MMRA Committees over the decades have comprised residents of all ages from all roads and they have had one goal. That was and is to make Mount Merrion a wonderful place in which to live for all residents.

In this our 80th year we are looking to you, our residents, to help us plan for the future. We need new blood on our Executive Committee! The demographics have changed radically over the past decade and will probably continue to do so into the future. What kind of a Mount Merrion do you envisage over the next decade? Are you willing to be part of the team that guides and safeguards its future direction? Committee membership is not an onerous task, 8/9 official meetings a year plus a watching brief on a particular area of interest, that’s it. It’s always easy to say “sure there’s loads of people to do that” but the reality is that any organisation needs to be refreshed every few years in order for it to survive and progress. Currently we have FOUR vacancies on Committee. We lost two members to become county councillors (are we a stepping stone to greatness?) and others to personal and health reasons.

Many major roads are unrepresented on Committee: The Rise, Trees, Thornhill, Wilson, Mather, St Thomas, Cedarmount, Clonmore, Chestnut, Sycamore.

Any queries please contact Kate Canning 087 2890952, kate.canning@mountmerrion.ie or Des Smyth 086 6824405, des.smyth@mountmerrion.ie.

Please think about the future of Mount Merrion and your role in that future.

Thank you.

Des Smyth, President MMRA, November 2015.