Alert the gardai if you see this couple!

A resident of Greygates  sent us the following:

Twice in the past 10 days a strange couple have pulled into Greygates cul de sac.  She is tall,blonde with hair swept back. He is slim and swarthy with strong head of jet black hair. First time they stopped and took bunch of daffodils underneath the fly over bridge. Second time he took a spade out of the boot of his car and started digging up daffodils at the small woodland beside the N11. They drive a very expensive looking Mercedes brilliant white. Body high above the wheels. Wheels and lower bodywork very black. It’s a car you couldn’t miss or forget  (reg is 04D something ).I confronted them and the girl (gold bangles ) on both wrists said they had missed the flowers in Tesco. I told them that was nonsense as this was the second time I’d seen them in action. They drove off very angry. Blackrock Gardai have been informed and ask that they are notified immediately if this couple or car returns. This is more than stealing daffodils. .they’re a suspicious looking duo. Keep an eye out for them please.

Call Blackrock gardai on 01 6665200