Application: Maryville, 39, Callary Road (D19A/0795)

Application Date: 21-Oct-2019
Planning Application Ref: D19A/0795

Registration Date: 21-Oct-2019

Decision Date: 23-Oct-2019

Application Type: Permission
Main Location: ”Maryville”, 39, Callary Road, Mount Merrion A94 D6K6

Permission for the following works:

Full Description:
Permission for the following works: A) Demolition of existing garage to side of house B) two storey hip roof extension to the side of the house, continuing original ridge line & adding gable element to front and side C) Attic conversion with flush roof window fitted to front & rear slopes D) single storey flat roof extension to the rear of the house E) high efficiency external wall insulation to remainder walls – retaining some brick detailing F) revised car park layout & widened entrance gate up to 3.6m width G) Associated internal modification & site works.

Status Description: Decision made
The Observation period for this application expired on 22-Oct-2019