Irish COVID-19 Oral History project

The Irish COVID-19 Oral History project –

A  new DCU project aims to create a repository of oral and written histories about COVID-19 that will be made available to researchers, historians and the public as an open source digital archive.  They are trying to collect stories from as many aspects of Irish life as possible.  P eople can visit the website for all the information they need to record their experiences. There are sample questions there as a guide, people can record any aspect of living and working through this pandemic by using their phone, tablet, pc or dictaphone. The file can then be simply uploaded to the website.

Should they wish, people can request to be interviewed and share their story that way.

In addition to collecting stories, the project also invites people to apply to be theme leaders, interviewers and, at a later stage, researchers. A theme leader would be someone within the Society that would help the project team to coordinate the collection of stories from your area.