The Green Dog Walkers scheme – leave only pawprints

Glan suas é - Bin the PooDog owners and walkers take the DLR Green Dog Walkers Pledge  and together we can reduce the incidence of dog fouling in Mount Merrion.

It is against the law not to clean up after your dog. Nobody likes getting dog waste on their shoe, but also consider those with prams or in wheelchairs and young children who don’t know better. We also want you to avoid a possible €150 fine.

In an effort to encourage and support responsible dog ownership, DLR have launched the Green Dog Walkers scheme.  It aims to increase awareness of the problem of dog fouling which is among the most common and anti-social forms of littering.

By signing up you have “Taken the Pledge” to always clean up after your dog, to carry extra doggie bags and to gladly give others a bag for their dog if they ask for one.


  • When you sign up, DLR will send you a complimentary green dog walker “doggie bone” poop bag dispenser with a roll of bags.
  • By using the green doggie bone you are signalling that you are a responsible dog owner participating in and supporting the scheme.

How to join:

  • Dog Walkers can take the pledge by completing the form
  • Returning your completed form to Litter Section, Infrastructure and Climate Change Department, County Hall, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire.  
  • Forms also available from the MMRA Environment team.
  • For more information email or phone DLR on 01-205 4700.