Fancy a walk up the middle of Deerpark Road??

A resident of Wilson Road sent us this note:

Fancy a walk up the middle of Deerpark Road??
In fact you may not have an alternative option.

Blocking the pedestrian route from Wilson Rd to Deerpark has become a daily practice, where car owners essentially use the footpath as a parking zone, some long-term.

But even to the short term brigade….

“I was just popping in for my leg of lamb, ice-cream, whatever…”

So elderly people, adults with buggies, who ever…have to walk the middle of the road for your convenience???

“They can cross over? Can’t they?”

After negotiating their way around the Passat blocking the lane…they can cross the road, walk on the shop side, and then negotiate their way back, for your convenience. Of course.

Parking options on Deerpark Rd are limited and about to become more so with the imminent development of the Flanagan site.

So maybe a walk to the shop or a cycle is advisable.

Or if you really have to drive – avoid parking on double yellows and footpaths.