Flanagan’s Site: Construction Update 5-Oct-20


All noisy rock breaking on site completed.

All soil/muck shifting to be complete by Thursday 08-Oct-2020 (2/3 loads left).

Current road cleaning truck to be replaced later this week.

Small section of concrete road surface on Wilson Road has been replaced, but more substantial remedial works to the road surface will be carried out near to the completion of the works.

Three major concrete pours still to carried out:

  1. Tomorrow, Tuesday 06 October
  2. Thursday 08 October
  3. in 2 to 3 weeks time.

After that, concrete pours will be smaller because construction will be structural steelwork, precast concrete slabs and blockwork walls;

For each of the 3 major pours, trucks will arrive at/just before 7.00 a.m. and work on site may last into the evening i.e. to complete placement of concrete before it hardens.
Noise is constantly measured and recorded at the site boundaries by an independent Consultant. Records from 07-08 to 01-10 show noise levels have not exceeded construction standard levels that DLRCoCo agreed with the Contractor in his Construction Management Plan.
The site and the public walkway to the West of the site are lighted by permanent automatic lighting (directed towards ground level) that currently switch on around 5.30/6.00pm and switch off around 7.30am (times change with the season).