Fraudulent eMail plague – it could infect you?

Over the past 12 months there has been a huge increase in the number of frauds and crimes committed electronically. This has become a serious plague in our society.Our objective is to ask you to exercise extreme caution when dealing with suspicious communications sent to you via email because you are at risk of a serious infection.

Fraudulent mails purporting to come from

  • BANKS, advising that they need your details in order to update their records
  • BUILDING SOCIETIES for similar obtuse reasons
  • ELECTRICITY / GAS suppliers advising that you are entitled to discounts and other offers.
  • REVENUE COMMISSIONERS advising that you are due a rebate that’s a good one)
  • LOTTERY and other GAMING organisations requesting that you claim your prize.

Other mails are coming from people that you know, either well or vaguely advising that they have lost or have had stolen their Papers, Passports, Credit Cards, Cash etc and need a loan urgently to enable them to get home, where they will repay you. They even give an address to where the money should be sent.

If any of this sounds familiar our advice to you is to DELETE THE MESSAGE UNREAD. Yes, do not open it, just DELETE it immediately.

All the organisations and the Gardaí have seen hundreds of them already, they are a plague.