Help our Community solve one littering problem in Mount Merrion

One noticeable cause of litter observed by the MMRA Monthly Clean Up Volunteers is spillage from a small number of Green Bins.  If your bin is presented with care then it rarely causes a problem.  However, carelessly presented bins are likely to fall over, particularly on windy nights.

So what can you do to avoid this litter problem?

3 simple steps will really help….

1. The lid should be 100% closed  (not like the photo below).

You can fit more in your bin (and fully close the lid) by “flat packing” – simply reduce boxes to “flat panels” (tearing, cutting)

2. Place the bin on flat, stable ground. 

Your green verge is often NOT suitable. Bins placed on unstable ground are prone to falling over – especially on windy nights

3. With your bin 100% closed, and on stable ground, you should place the bin so that the wind presses down on the lid – rather than flipping it open



Let’s Keep Mount Merrion Litter Free