Grounds for objecting to Thornhill planning application D17A/0240

To view the plans go theDLR Planning websie:

  1. The proposed plan is unsustainable when taken in conjunction with the Oatlands development, located less than 50 meters away which is seeking planning permission to build over sixty residences. This will radically change the character of the area and negatively impact on the existing residents and services in the whole of Mount Merrion.
  2. Four storey apartments with balconies in an area of predominantly bungalows is too high and will seriously impact on the privacy and light and will overshadow some houses in Cherrygarth. Two storey houses would be more in keeping with local area.
  3. The density of 50 units per hectare is grossly excessive for this cull-de sac. When combined with the Oatlands development the cumulative impact will be enormous.
  4. The privacy of existing residents will be compromised.
  5. Inadequate visitor parking provision for both developments will certainly will result in excessive parking on existing narrow roadways. Access to the underground car parking is unsuitable. One entrance would significantly reduce the traffic through Cherrygarth and avoid having to pass the entrance to Oatlands.
  6. Traffic exiting on to Trees Road will quadruple and will result in even greater traffic delays on Trees Road than is currently the case. This junction is already dangerous due to inadequate line of sight for exiting traffic. The knock-on effect will impact on the already overcrowded South Avenue, North Avenue and The Rise.
  7. Access for emergency services to Cherrygarth and to each of the proposed developments Oatlands and Thornhill will be severely restricted due to traffic volume and road layout.
  8. There is no provision for additional school places; all local schools are already at full capacity resulting in children having to travel significant distances to school.
  9. Water and other utilities will be an issue because current capacity is just about adequate
  10. The setting of Thornhill House, a protected structure is eroded and this proposal will seriously impact on this 18thCentury house, which is a unique example of the architecture of the period. because of the density and height of the development in the grounds which are relatively small for such a house.
  11. The scale and height of the proposed development renders it unsuitable for this location– what proposed is quite over-scaled in the context of the location of the site and the objectives of the County Development Plan for that location
  12. The proposed apartment block four stories are significantly higher than the bungalows in Cherrygarth and the existing two-storey houses on Trees Road thereby affecting the privacy of existing homes.
  13. The proposed drainage layout for Oatlands necessitates excavating a trench, up to 5 meters deep right through Cherrygarth, and possible removal of tens of thousand tons of excavated material from the site. This application is proposing a foul water drain through lower Cherrygarth
  14. The proposed plan has totally inadequate provision for open space and play areas for children.
  15. The loss of hedging and trees will negatively impact the ambiance of the area and will seriously damage wildlife.
  16. The lands in Thornhill are infected with Japanese Knotweed


 Note: These are suggestions – we urge you to articulate the impacts that this project will have on you personally and your family if it is permitted to proceed.



You are entitled to object to this development if you agree with this evaluation. To do this you should write a letter outlining the basis for your objection in your own words to:

Ms Mary Henchy, Director of Planning, County Hall, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

  • Letters must contain your name, address and the planning application Ref. number which is: D17A/0240
  • Enclose the Fee which is €20 either as a cheque or postal order.
  • All objections/comments are published on DLR CC website.
  • You must lodge your objection with the planning office before 19th April.
  • You can only object/comment on planning and development issues. The planning authority may only consider objections relating to planning issues and not those based on personal dislikes, grievances or opinions