Letter re Cherrygarth development meeting


Your notice about the meeting in the Community Centre on Wednesday April 5th about Planning should be of major interest to all residents of Mount Merrion, especially those with young school-going children. They are the people who should attend, listen and contribute to this forum.

The MMRA has done good work over the past two years in monitoring and organising very professional advice concerning several locally based Planning applications.

These Planning Applications will, if successful, change the whole ambiance of Mount Merrion. Over the past decade more than 50% of the homes in Mount Merrion has changed hands. It has now become a vibrant beautiful suburb of Dublin full of young people. People have paid over the odds to secure a home here. Mount Merrion has access to all the amenities that make life very self- contained, safe and secure. Young parents have made and developed great friendships here through schools and organisations and that is what makes for a lovely living environment.

The propensity to over develop every spare bit of greenery has the potential to destroy the ambiance that we as residents have worked so hard to protect.

Potential developments on Roebuck Ave, Deerpark Road, Cherrygarth, The Rise, Foster Avenue and North Avenue will increase the daily traffic flows by up to 50% as most of the elderly residents do not use the internal roads daily. These roads are already bursting at the seams for two hours each morning and afternoon with motorists using the suburb as a ‘Rat run’. The number of ‘near’ incidents involving children is increasing.

I would urge all residents, especially the Parents of School going Children to become more involved in the future of their huge investment i.e. Mount Merrion. Please come along with your new friends and neighbours to the Meeting on April 5th and to the AGM of the MMRA on April 27th, details in the Newsletter—worth reading. It’s your future we are talking about.


Des Smyth